Bryson Soviero

St. Thomas Aquinas High School

Class of 2023

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Interned With Leadership Initiatives To Improve A Business In The Developing World

Consulted With CEOs And Marketing Experts To Develop Viable Solutions For A Business In Bauchi State, Nigeria

Received A Grant Reviewed By Leaders From Exxon, The United Nations, And The Nigerian Embassy To Implement Solutions For My Business Partner

Bryson Soviero is a rising sophomore at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bryson is very determined and is in a mixture of honors and Ap courses.

Bryson loves playing golf for his high school team and also plays the trumpet in his school's jazz band. He enjoys school and especially math and science and is part of an IBIP team and went to a program last summer. Bryson is very excited to join the program because he had a lot of fun last summer in business tier one and wants to meet new people, use the skills he used last year, and learn new business strategies.

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Consulted With A Business

In The Developing World


Our team reviewed the economic, social, political, and environmental factors that impact our partner’s business to identify how to bridge the gap between our business partner’s current condition and the desired condition.

Collaborated With Business

Development Experts


After researching solution ideas, our team worked with the Nigerian development staff to synthesize effective solutions to the problems our business partner was facing.

In order to fund the proposed solution, our team composed a detailed grant proposal to request funding from the Leadership Initiatives Grant Committee.


Earned A Development

Grant To Enact Solutions

My Business Consultant Training

My Business Partner


Years Working:


Average Customers Per Week:

Favorite Part of Business:

Main Issues:

Main Services:

Bauchi State, Nigeria




Financial Freedom

Advertising, Finances, Receipts

Toyotas, Hondas

Business Statistics

About Ghali

Community Impact

Our Partnership

Future Goals

Ghali Yusuf

Business Partner Statistics

Ghali Yusuf

His Story

Ghali Yusuf is a 25-year-old mechanic from Azare Town. He is the third born of seven siblings ages 15 through 36.

When Ghali lost his father 15 years ago, life for him and his siblings was never the same.

Though he was able to finish primary school, he could no longer pursue his dream to become a doctor.

After he completed his secondary education, he learned car mechanics so he could make money to support his siblings and mother.

Ghali Yusuf

Community Impact

Ghali’s automotive repair business specializes in car repairs, especially Honda and Toyota models.

Not only does Ghali provide accessible car repair services to the area, but he also inspires the young men of his community.

Ghali currently has one apprentice, but plans to create more jobs in the future. Through his profits, Ghali is able to maintain financial independence and support his family.

Ghali’s auto repair business directly benefits nine people in the wider community.

Ghali Yusuf

Our Partnership

Ghali is excited and honored to partner with Leadership Initiatives and the participants of the International Leadership & Internship.

With over ten years of experience, Ghali hopes that the amazing ideas from his partners will help him take the business to the next level.

Through growing his business, Ghali wants to yield a greater profit, employ more young men, and give back to his community for many more years to come.

Ghali Yusuf

Hopes For The Future

Ghali hopes that his auto repair business will one day grow enough to employ ten young men from his community.

Ghali wishes to give these young men the opportunity to escape the cycleof poverty.

In addition to expanding his business, Ghali wants to diversify by opening a spare parts shop. He hopes to provide his customers with quality products, while making money to further his education.

Through this partnership, Ghali knows he can achieve his dreams and make a change in his community as a whole.

My Grant Proposal

My Grant Proposal

Meeting Our Business Partner

Our team began the solution-development process by having a one-on-one Zoom call directly with our business partner.

We learned more about their life, family, and business as well as the issues they were having.

By discussing first-hand the problems our partner faced, our team successfully and efficiently began to brainstorm solutions to improve their business.

The on-staff translators and business development experts helped facilitate the process and ensured our team asked the right questions.

Each morning we held constructive discussions about our solutions, the advice we had received the day before, and the timeline to begin implementing our ideas in real-time.

Meeting the Business Partner

Expert Assistance Workshop

Partnership With Top Executives

Pitch To Top Development Experts

Internship Program Highlights

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Expert Assistance Workshop

Our team then met with leading experts in the field of business and community development, from top US companies, the State Department, Exxon and Harvard.

These leaders included Ahmed Mohammed, Director of Talent Acquisition at Harvard Medical School, and Stella Onuoha, former director of Nigerian in Diaspora Organization with an office in the Nigerian Embassy.

With their guidance, we streamlined our initial solutions to further our efforts in solving the issues our business partner was facing.

Our team advanced our communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills through hands-on project management and development.

By the end of the week, we had synthesized the advice of leading experts from across the globe for our grant proposal to transform the life of our business partner.

Partnership With Top Executives

Throughout the course of the program, our team met with top CEOs from across the nation. They reviewed our solutions, offered advice on our grant proposal, and briefed us on the upcoming presentation.

This consultation gave our team the confidence and acumen to develop practical solutions and present them to the grant panel for our business partner.

John Hecklinger was one of the mentors we had the opportunity to work with. As the Executive Director of the Global Fund For Children, John had a unique insight into the grant proposal process.

John taught us how to present ideas to leaders from major companies and organizations and was able to give us advice we would use to refine our proposal.

Pitch To Top Development Experts

Our team presented the final solutions to a panel of expert judges from Harvard, the Department of Defense, and the Leadership Initiatives Grant Proposal Committee.

This formal presentation allowed our team to practice our skills and measure the effectiveness of our communication, all while showcasing our efforts to transform the business we had partnered with.

At the end of the presentation, we were able to receive feedback on our grant proposal for our business partner.

Over the next four weeks, our proposal would be reviewed three more times by development experts and Leadership Initiatives sponsors before being implemented in the fall of 2020!